Learning a language is as flexible as the way you use your own language – from intuitive and artistic to disciplined and analytical. Even now I am constantly studying different teaching approaches and learning strategies to remain as flexible as possible.

Within the last 20 years I have taught Slovenians and Russians of all levels, from complete beginner to very advanced, and with very different areas of expertise. I have found that I am most effective when combining this practical experience with a wide variety of disciplines, which can be drawn upon when needed. Here are just a few of the areas which have contributed significantly to my approach:

A Diploma from Humber College, Toronto, Canada.

(music, improvisation, anthropology, creative writing, psychology)

A Degree in Russian Language and Literature, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(presentations, critical & structural text analysis, effective writing, linguistics)

A Degree in Theology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(pedagogy, andragogy, didactics, the psychology of teaching, sociology, philosophy)

Several years of independent study in Neuro-linguistic Programming and an INLPTA diploma.

(learning styles & strategies, effective communication, motivation)