Any visitor to Slovenia will tell you that they are impressed by the high level of spoken English they encounter. However, I constantly meet Slovenians who feel that their English should be much better, and are very uncomfortable speaking in certain situations. If this sounds like you, then maybe what you need is a fresh approach, a way to connect with English that is more natural for you, and an alternative to classic teaching methods.

If, on the other hand, your English is very good, then you probably don’t want or even need an entire course. I have also worked with many people who have enriched their knowledge and understanding with just a few short and intense sessions, intended to smooth out and deal with some specific issues. Though this can be just for personal improvement, it can also be extremely useful before an important event, like a presentation to foreign clients or a job interview in English. In that case my job is to evaluate your situation and provide you with exactly what you need in as short a time as possible.